World Cup 2014: So Far, So Great For Everyone



Roberto Valdez, Executive Director, Latino Giant Sports
Roberto Valdez, Executive Director, Latino Giant Sports

With the 2014 World Cup completing its second week of competition, the excitement of the world’s most popular sporting event has far from disappointed. As everyone knows by now, this years World Cup is being held in what is considered soccer’s holy land, Brazil. Though Brazilians are historically known as soccer fanatics, the country as a whole has taken heavy criticism for the financial investments and sacrifices it has made to make this global event happen.

Nevertheless, the games have gone on and have produced thrilling and exciting moments, exceeding expectations. So far, the defending World Cup champion, Spain, has been knocked out of the round of 16, therefore guaranteeing a new soccer champion of the world. Also, teams from the western hemisphere have been the dominant ones of the cup, which is somewhat surprising considering soccer experts claim that European teams are stronger. 

In any case, the World Cup’s impact created by the on-the-field competitiveness is one-in-a-million. But what is truly significant is the enormous amount of comradery within not only fellow countrymen and women, but also the global community. Even though countries face off in competition and are bitter rivals for 90 plus minutes, once the final whistle blows, fans come together to rejoice and celebrate the beauty of the sport of soccer.

A perfect example of this can be seen through a McDonald’s commercial that depicts the strong bond soccer fans have, regardless of whom they’re rooting for.

McDonald’s portrays the love for the game of soccer through both a son and father’s perspective, but what makes this commercial unique is when the son unveils his love for one country, while his fathers’ alliance is for another.

The father, a dedicated Mexico soccer fan is torn between being proud and sad when he finds out that his son is an avid United States soccer fan. Though both root for their own team, in the end the love for the game of soccer ends up being the real winner. 

This is just one example of how the World Cup and the game of soccer bring people together despite of the jersey being worn.  There are very few environments where two opposing sides can have a passion to beat each other, but also hold a strong amount of respect at the same time.

So, let’s continue watching, cheering and wait to see what the final two weeks of the 2014 World Cup has in store for us all! 

Roberto Valdez is the Executive Director of Latino Giant Sports. Roberto graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Communications with a minor in Media Analysis. Mr. Valdez is a social media, marketing and public relations consultant for numerous organizations in the Washington DC area and Arizona.  He is also a sports strategist for high school, college and professional level teams.