Wall for Thought—How to Love Yourself More.

Alyssa Amezcua
Alyssa Amezcua

From purple walls to lime green walls covered in magazine cut-outs,  I’ve done it all when it comes to creating my bedroom space. 

The only constant in my technique? 
I’ve never been able to leave a wall blank.
 I don’t know why.
….maybe it’s because I’m a dreamer.
 A mind-wanderer.
An avid over-thinker. 
What I do know, is that for those of us with these nomadic minds —well, it’s quite chaotic for us most of the time. We struggle to accept that routine is necessary or that reality, is reality. We indulge in every single thing we read; in every person we meet; and in every new place we discover. Unable to put our minds to rest, we float along the current of our ever-changing thoughts. 

And there are so many thoughts.
So many damn ideas. 
How do I remain authentic? 
How am I to know which ideas are the good ones? 
the right ones? 
the interesting ones? 
I wonder all of this every day.
So far, the only conclusions I’ve come to are that:
Wondering at all, is good. 
Being interested is important. 
Passion is crucial. 
And you must love yourself first, before anything else. 
But do you know how you can do that–How you can learn to love yourself first? 
It is by loving a million—a thousand different things. It is by marveling at the world around you. Discovering the things which really and truly have an affect on you. Continue to know these things well in your life. Share these things. Nurture their significance. Heck, fill your empty walls with them! It doesn’t matter. As long as you know, your inner truth can always be found in the things you love.