The Universe Within Us

By Anabella Borges

The universe, to whom I am infinitely loyal to for having my back, has waken up inside me to this beautiful book of wisdom. I can create my own infinite creation, I can create my own beliefs. I have no reason of not being myself.    I am my own creation.

You have to BELIEVE.

It’s just amazing how everything works around you when you believe. For me, its believing that the universe, God; anything you believe in, has a miracle for each living organism. It’s up to us to fully be aware of it.
Not any less, not any different, we are all life
I trust. I chose to trust. I know that my truest nature is to trust you, without judgment on anything. I trust situations, I know they will work out. I trust places, I know I won’t get hurt. If I look into your eyes, or better said, see thru you; l know you will do the same back. I create my own world of safety and by doing this, I give you the space to create your own as well. If I bring that energy towards myself, It will spread the same out into the world and into cosmos. I will attract what I want for myself and I will manifest it in a larger scale. 
The cruelty around has been created by denial of equality. One is predetermined by the other and wrong assumptions are made. Lost of trust from either side and ideas created by judgement. What happens in the world is a creation by someone, it doesn’t happen just because. And it can only be changed if we start by changing ourselves. 
One by Anabella Borges
One by Anabella Borges
One represents how everything in this universe is interconnected. The stars, the moon and the river are all one in this photograph.  The subtle, gentle and kind light comes from the moon, passing the horizon; bringing night to a starry sky in The Orinoco River.
Anabella Borges is a world citizen, photographer, and happy soul. She currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida, but grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. You may check out her work at