The Rebirth of the Clinton Foundation’s Conflict of Interest

By Julia Vargas Mondragon

Another week, another scandal. The scandal of the week was the rebirth of the Clinton Foundation’s conflict of interest after Wikileaks released Hillary Clinton’s meeting calendar as well as some of the infamous deleted emails that were sent and received during her time as Secretary of State. The Associated Press published an extensive report on how half of the people that Hillary Clinton met with while being Secretary of State were foundation donors.

The Clinton Foundation raises many ethical questions including whether the Department of State allowed Clinton to work in the interests of her family’s global charity. Further, the Federal Election Committee dictates that there can be no contributions to any presidential campaign from non-US citizens, raising a legal issue since many of the donors are foreign companies or leaders. Whether or not the foundation money goes to the presidential campaign, it is still controversial the fact that one of the largest global charities is in the hands of someone who has a political agenda.

Although the controversies are clear, we are still asking questions like: Are these scandals taken out of context or exaggerated by the conservative media? Is there any specific evidence that explains how this is an ethical issue for the taxpayers and American electorate? What happened during the time when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State that could prove a conflict of interest? Have foreign donors done so out of good will or with an interest to give back from political favors?

The answers are yes, yes, yes, and we all wish we knew.

But the point is, that Hillary is running for president of the United States and her transparency isn’t her forte. These scandals hurt her, and minimizing peoples questions won’t make the problem dissolve. Hillary isn’t someone whose problems dissolve, its something she has had trouble learning even after the emails that keep on hunting her. Its her stubbornness and fear to apologize that contribute into making her the second to most un-liked presidential candidate of all time.

The scandal is fresh meat for hungry republicans who have a constant need to prove that the Clinton family works for anything but the interest of Americans. This of course, comes while also ignoring the fact that the Bush family and Donald Trump himself have in fact been contributors for the Clinton Foundation. After all, it’s an ambitious philanthropy that has saved lives across the world.

But dammit Hillary, stop making it sketchy.

After the scandals last week, the Clinton Foundation added new restrictions to who was able to donate and who wasn’t, Bill Clinton would no longer be a part of the board and the name would change as well. But this will not come into force until after the elections. Minnassian, a Clinton Foundation spokesperson said the reason for this was that this ‘’would needlessly hurt people who are being helped by our charitable work around the world.’’

Before Donald Trump comes out to say he loves the ‘’Blacks’’ and he loves the ‘’Latinos’’ claiming an electorate that definitely does not want him but that isn’t too excited about Hillary either, Clinton should come out and face the facts.

Quit the robo-politics and be a human. This will make people like you.

Julia Vargas Mondragon is a contributor to Latino Giant. She recently graduated from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Civic affairs with a double major in Geography and International Relations. Her concentrations at Syracuse were focused on International Security and Diplomacy with a regional focus in Latin America. Julia is interested in topics such as media and politics, looking forward to have a career in journalism.