The Pursuit of Universal Happiness

Dianna Cabello, Staff Writer

Pharrell’s “Happy” song has happily and excitedly topped the 2014 Billboard charts for several weeks now, and his song continues to ripple a spirit of happiness that is crossing over from country to country and around the world. Renditions of “Happy” videos are being filmed and posted regularly on YouTube and other media platforms. Recently, a “Happy” video was made in which twenty-three cities and seventeen countries danced and demonstrated the contagious and unconditional spirit of happiness and love stretching around our world.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Pharrell disclosed his primary inspiration for his hit in “Happy.” He shared that reading Paulo Coelho’s fable about following your dreams, “The Alchemist, was the revelation that allowed him to rise and realize his own dream.

Paulo Coelho’s message in “The Alchemist” whispers loudly to the heart that is listening…. “When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.” This is but one of many life-inspiring quotes from this fable. This Brazilian best seller has itself had a ripple effect globally. It has sold over sixty-five million copies and has been translated in over eighty languages, winning the Guinness World Record for Most Translated Book by A Living Author, a definite feat of achievement.

The Alchemist” gladly shares the secret of happiness from a young shepherd’s perspective who, through his pilgrimage to the Egyptian pyramids, finds his purpose of life. The word ‘alchemy’ is defined as an influential philosophical tradition whose practitioners claim to be the precursor to profound powers, and it’s through this simple science of the universe that the shepherd boy acquires his life’s aspirations. The shepherd boy begins to recognize and hear this universal language and message in his heart and when he learns to listen, “….It is true, life really is generous to those who pursue their destiny.” The optimism in this message resonates and rings clearly in Pharrell’s “Happy” song and for every heart who seeks happiness and the elixir of life.

Paulo Coelho’s fable “The Alchemist” is an inspiring metamorphosis in the universal pursuit of happiness. “……thus there was language in there world that everyone understood… It was the language of enthusiasm, of things accomplished with love and purpose, and as part of a search for something believed in and desired.”

Dianna Cabello is a Staff Writer for Latino Giant and an English Language Arts Educator in the DFW area in Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas in Arlington with a  Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, with emphasis an on Mexican-American Studies and a Minor in English. She is involved and highly supportive of the Latino community in North Texas and support the progressive endeavors of the emerging community Latino leaders.

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