The media censorship effect of Venezuelan immigrant journalists

Inspired journalists never end their passion to inform. This is the case of a small group of journalists that in 2012 decided to launch an online platform primarily focused on Latin American topics to keep immigrants informed. They felt that there was not enough information provided for their targeted audience and started uploading articles to inform, educate, and guide their community on a basic Facebook page.


Their Motivation

Over the years, Te Lo Cuento News’ founders looked for collaborators and the business grew with the same approach -“educate the public about events and issues around them”, except that the majority of these journalists were Venezuelan volunteers looking to produce quality work full of truthful information but during their possible free time.

This force has been directly related to the huge phenomenon of the Venezuelan Diaspora, the largest migratory movement in America in terms of number of people vs. period of time, as well as the largest in history not related to a war conflict. Journalists have not been exempt from this mass exodus, and many of them have found in Te Lo Cuento News the opportunity to remain connected to their profession, while developing other activities or jobs to provide for their families.


Driving a digital transformation against the journalistic censorship.

During the protests that affected Venezuela in 2017, Te Lo Cuento News developed into a movement to connect on a deeper level with individual people who lived in Venezuela but also worldwide due to Nicolas Maduro’s regime.

Without fear, many reporters were activated in all the cities of the country, using only a cell phone and their desire to make known what many traditional media could not as they were silent, amid the framework of censorship and self-censorship prevailing in the country.


Voice of a voiceless

Venezuelans demanded instant access to content, anytime, anywhere as local media was censored.There was tons of fake news confusing the population that already felt threatened to propel overreaching restrictions on freedom of expression. Te lo Cuento News got fully equipped with journalists around the world to support and its network of correspondents distributed among Venezuelan states becoming a trustful media vehicle to find verified, cleaned, and 24/7 helpful information.

Creative methods and ways to tell stories, using data, automation but also adding a human component to storytelling have defined the success of this team. Despite of internet issues, lack of resources, rumors, and bad propaganda, they have found the way to use WhatsApp groups, Facebook live, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social channels to confirm, provide, and generate information on a timely matter, verified, and on real-time.



The Inter-American Press Association recognized the work of Te Lo Cuento News during the 2017 protests with the Honorable Mention of the Best Internet News coverage award in the 2018 Journalistic Excellence Awards and nominated it as a finalist in the category of Best Coverage via Mobile. Also, a book called Journalism and Popular Consultation was created with the privilege of being edited by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation due to the effort of 113 Venezuelan journalists scattered in 55 cities in 17 countries that reported on that historic day via Te Lo Cuento News portal and its social channels due to the popular consultation of July 16, 2017 in disapproval of President Nicolas Maduro’s plan to hold a constituent assembly.


Their road ahead Nowadays

Te Lo Cuento News has over 150 journalists volunteering in different countries. There are spread over 20 countries, reporting from different cities in the world and about 50 specifically based in Venezuela. They post on social media profusely, hundreds of times a day; they go Facebook live almost every day despite the blockades. They have more than 1,700 visitors connected at once in many cases. Their anchors are located in 4 countries and they are funded by donations pretty much made by their own volunteers. Helping more than 5 millions of Venezuelans and its immigrants worldwide to find the truth online makes Te lo Cuento News a winner with an amazing group of journalists making history and transforming digital media in a trustful tool for the voiceless.


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