Midterms 2014: Key Resources & Websites


Roberto Valdez, Marketing Director, Latino Giant
Roberto Valdez, Marketing Director, Latino Giant

Everyone in the political world has been emphasizing the importance of the upcoming midterm elections and how these elections can change our country’s political landscape for years to come. There have been plenty of predictions made regarding whether or not the Democrats will keep control of the Senate or if the Republicans will take it back.

Democrats have questioned whether or not campaign assistance from President Obama will help or hurt their party mates running. And as for the Republicans, their strategy seems to have the GOP establishment and the infamous Tea Party finally playing nice with each other.

Nevertheless, regardless of strategies and who is or isn’t being supported, the most important piece to this midterm election puzzle are the voters, because without them voting, none of this counts or matters. And as simple and obvious as this may seem, politicians sometimes tend to forget, while engaged in their political chess matches and blame games, who really holds the power in this process. 

We at Latino Giant understand how much weight a single vote holds and what these elections truly mean to this great country of ours. That is why we have compiled a list of resources that voters can use to make their November 4th an easy and smooth one. So, go out and vote, and have your voice heard!


Voto Latino’s “Where do I vote?” Search:

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This search engine tool allows registered voters to input their address and receive the voting poll location closest to them. In addition, it provides voters with a ballot summary that lists the different races that they can vote for.


U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s State Election Info: Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 9.10.23 PM




The U.S. Election Assistance Commission State Election Info page provides voters with Election Day contact information for every state in the country. This information includes website, phone number, Twitter, and polling place hours for each state.


The Internet Public Library’s Election and Voting Resources:






The Internet Public Library (IPL) provides voters with national, state and local resources for voting information and election results. Find assistance with voter registration, finding your ballot, finding your polling place or station, learning about issues and candidates, and more!


WIRED.com’s Top 5 Apps for Election Day:






Stay on top of all the election-day craziness by visiting WIRED.com’s listing of the top 5 phone apps for on-the-go political news and results.



Roberto Valdez is the Marketing Director of Latino Giant and Executive Director of Latino Giant Sports. Roberto graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Communications with a minor in Media Analysis. Mr. Valdez is a marketing, public/media relations and social media consultant for numerous organizations in the Washington DC area and Arizona.  He is also a sports strategist for high school, college and professional level teams.