LULAC scholarship banquet recognizes Latino academic achievements


The League of United Latin American Citizens will hold its annual Scholarship Banquet at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25, at the Governor’s Mansion.

LULAC’s UALR Council is co-hosting the event, where certificates will be presented to this year’s LULAC scholarship recipients. The banquet also seeks to raise funding for future scholarships.

As the largest advocacy group in the U.S., LULAC offers scholarships for Latino students at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels through its National Educational Service Centers.

For information or tickets, contact either LULAC President Michel Leidermann at 501.993.3572 or State Director Dr. Terry Trevino-Richard at 501.551.4456.

The event will include dancing and live entertainment from CruzWay, a Cuban band, which will perform a variety of music.

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe will deliver the keynote talk and U.S. Congressman Tim Griffin is also slated to speak. In addition, LULAC’s Regional Director Baldomero Garza will deliver a motivational talk to the scholarship recipients.

A total of 40 scholarship recipients attending a variety of higher education institutions will be recognized. In addition, chancellors representing many universities from around the state will also attend to help celebrate Latino academic achievements.

Scholarships have been awarded to a record number of Latinos who are at UALR this academic year, according to Dr. Trevino-Richard, state director of LULAC and a professor in the UALR Department of Sociology and Anthropology. UALR is matching, dollar-for-dollar, the awards given to the following students who are attending the university this fall:

Sandra Carmona $2500

Miguel Alvarez $1000

Crystal Alvarez $750

Ricardo Alvarez $750

Yolanda Anzora $750

Cynthia Arreola $750

Jose Romero $750

Javier Contreras $750

Sandra Guadardo $750

Adela Hernandez $500

Callie Hernandez $750

Luis Miguel Lopez $750

Ricardo Matamoros $750

Mariano Ramirez $750

Elsie Reyes $750

Nancy Reyes $750

Ed Resendiz $500

Carlos Sepulveda $500

Olga Calderon $500

Originally published in UALR.