Latino Vote A Key To Presidency

By Lidia Ruiz-Latino Giant contributor

A persistent growth of Latinos in the U.S has demonstrated their power in the country and it doesn’t intend to stop growing. The Census Bureau shows that Latinos are the country’s largest ethnic group. Latinos represent the dominant group in Los Angeles with the 78% of the population. In 2012, Latinos in the U.S. overpassed 53 million, which represents a 17% of the U.S population. Latinos are making a dramatic impact in the U.S. It is proven that Latinos are the key to the presidency, which is making a big impact in the country. In the 2008 presidential election, Obama received 67% of the Latino vote. And in 2012, the President set a new record, being reelected with 75% of the Latino electorate. As a result, it is clear that the Latino vote is key to any strategy that aims to win the U.S Presidency.

Another reason why the Latino vote is a tempting prey for the two parties is because the mass of voters is primarily young newcomers to the political system. Each month, over 50,000 Latinos reach the age of 18, which is good for any presidential candidate since the young are less likely to have an established party affiliation.

For the upcoming presidential elections in 2016, a successful immigration reform would be another step towards the consolidation of Latino support for Democrats and Republicans. To get the most electoral votes, a candidate for the presidency would have to convince the racial minorities throughout the country, becoming a dominant and decisive vote in choosing the next president of the United States.

Obama has shown that it is necessary to have Latino support in order to have a realistic chance at winning the White House. And if Republicans are looking at having a realistic chance as well, then they need to start paying to Latinos and what it is they are looking for in a presidential candidate.