Latino Giant of The Week: Jesus Moran

They say there is power in the numbers. Well, if the saying is right, then WE hold the power. For us students in the ever-increasing Latino community, the realization that we have to become the future leaders of this country is present.

The past few decades have demonstrated just how much potential our communities have to offer. The great successes achieved by Latinos and Latinas is empowering and inspiring. It sets a great foundation for the new generation of Latino leaders to build upon.

The pathway to get there, however, is not always the easiest one. Personally, I have categorized my own community into two polar opposite groups: those who push to succeed at all costs and those who succumb to the stereotypes that society has formulated about Latinos and other minorities.

The first category is representative of those who have succeeded and those who continue to aspire their own success. Everyone from individuals who work two or three jobs just to keep the roof over their heads or field workers to try to find a means of income at any cost, to the Latino reformers who seek to set the way for future leaders are the fighters. Then we have those who give in to perceptions of what they should be. They are adamant that “the cards are stacked against us” and there is no possibility for progress.

When we have people who think as such, how much potential and how many possibilities do we lose? Who knows!
That should not be an issue we should even have. Those who fall under the second category are not necessarily failures; instead they are undiscovered successes that need an extra push to realize what is possible. I am living proof of it as well. By embracing my struggles and pushing forward, I can proudly say that I will continue my education at Harvard University. The past and concurring success stories are proof that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

Jesus Moran is a recent graduate from Manual Arts High School, where he graduated as Class Valedictorian and served as the Associate Student Body President. This coming Fall, Jesus will be attending Harvard University, where he plans to study something along the lines of government and social studies. Although he is uncertain of what his career ambitions are at the moment, he is confident that college will be the place that will guide him to find that career.