Latino Giant of The Week: Jes Sofia Valle

Hi, I’m Jes Sofia Valle. I’m a CEO, president and clinician. I am an entrepreneur, a psychotherapist, and owner of Bloggers of Health and 13feet13inches. I am the founder of the Turning Leaves Foundation and Director of LATISM Los Angeles.

We are in a Latino movement right now. Well, at least that’s what I like to call it. We are no longer just the ones who clean the homes and pick the berries. Though I admire these jobs, honestly, we are becoming the ones who build the businesses that create more jobs. We have our own farms, we make the organic tequilas, and we write our own blogs to produce our own media coverage.  We Latinos have a great work ethic.

We have big brands trying to get to know us, our companies are growing quickly and we are very immersed in what we do.  We are working for our own growth. It’s amazing, but with all of this we are paying a big price. That price, for some, is our health and time for family and friends. And I get it. But what will you do about it?

I will tell you a bit about me. I am a very motivated woman, but I had lost motivation for myself. So I know what I’m talking about on this one.  Busy was beyond me…  You see with me, if you want something done, you give it to me, then…I make it happen. I help people grow in my everyday gig as a psychotherapist. I coach CEOs to make their companies grow internationally. I help out in what I can to make sure that you have your own weird balance.  And I also work in my businesses, but I realized I had to chill. Not only did I have chronic pain issues, but I was not allowing time for my family and friends.

So do you want to know how I keep it together?  Here you go.

Everyday I wake up, make some coffee and catch up with the news or social media world. Sometimes I take this time to “stalk” my besties (Best friends) on facebook and see what is going on in their lives.  I asked my mother (For years!) to join the social media scene (She’s super hooked by the way).  I began to go out with my friends again.  I take a long walk then I make myself breakfast. When I have breakfast meetings, they are now by the beach, and then I take whoever is with me for a walk. If you want a morning breakfast meeting with me in LA, make it at the beach.  If you live too far into traffic, then I’ll ask that you not put yourself through that and I make them into dinner meetings.  Or if I’ve known you for a while, I will invite you to my home where I cook something yummers. For My Psych client’s I have boundaries of course, but after work sessions I catch up with a friend or I enjoy my home.

For dinner meetings I ask to meet in places where I can eat healthy and at the same time enjoy some scenery. Why not be able to enjoy life while making things happen? I’ve made my working world balance with my own lifestyle, being conscious of my health, of me while still allowing myself to continue working. I am able to enjoy life.

One thing I have noticed is that we are so busy in making things happen, which is amazing, but we have forgotten about the main person, you, your sleep and your health.  So I hope you start to smell the roses. De-stress your life and start thinking about you too. You are not good to anyone if you are not there.

If you work a 9-5… instead of sitting in traffic for 1-2 hours, hit the gym and wait for traffic to chill. Take 30 mins after work to enjoy life, get a cafécito with a friend.  If you have kids, it’s chaos, I get it… but make it fun chaos, organize it. Change your negative thoughts into positive ones. Enjoy your kids; teach them how to be healthy and happy. Tailor your life around you and your family’s health, well-being and sanity.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram @jessofiavalle, you will see that I’m taking time to not only make things happen, but I’m also making a conscious choice to allow myself to be in the environments I choose.  The people I am working with say I look even happier than before. I’m now less stressed and I’m taking the time to smell the roses!

Take care of you.  Take a vacation! Hence vacation hours… If you are working for yourself, then give yourself a vacation.  Stop using work as an excuse to not take care of yourself and the ones you love. Enjoy life.

Smile (If you want)

Jes Sofia Valle



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