Latino Giant of The Week: Fabian Morales

Just who were—and are‘WE, the people’, spoken of in North America’s founding document’s very first words?

For me, a proud Latin American, the answer lies in the very pre-history of that continent, long before 1792’s Constitution, 300 years before, in 1492.

While every school child and immigrant studying for citizenship may learn about or be told of Ferdinand & Isabella of Spain and a man known as Christopher Columbus (the Roman Latin spelling of his true Hispanic name, which was Christofo Colombo), not very many, including Hispanics, may know that this Christofo Colombo was not Italian despite his adopted city of Genoa, Italy, but a forcibly converted Spanish Jew, referred to by The Spanish Inquisition as converter or, insultingly, as marranos. While that cruel papal institution is, happily, long gone, its echoes of prejudice and discrimination are, sadly, too often still with us and, ironically, aimed at Spanish-speakers regardless of their chosen faith.

And, so, I include my fellow Latinas & Latinos in the habitual and often stereotyping biases and limitations which we have generally tended to allow to thwart and hinder us when it comes to fully realizing our deep, wide potential symbolized and personified by that founding Western Hemisphere’s explorer in 1492, venturing into a similarly unknown deep and wide Atlantic three hundred years before there was a United States of America.
At an early age, I was blessed with the courage to see different peoples and ethnicities as but natural variety symbolic of the many ways of being human and, therefore, fully humane.

As the Hispanic branch of this humane species we are not even strictly a ‘race’, as there are so-called White Hispanics. Like Columbus, we have been here a considerable length of time and, while we may not have literally been among the signers of that Constitution in name, ‘we’ are indeed envisioned by those introductory words of intent by the signers as part of their ‘Posterity’—both the present and, indeed, future part of  ‘We, the People’.

And, as a singular ‘me’ in that greater ‘we’ I am living out the fullest measure of that inclusive American creed’s expression by overcoming any and all social and habitually erected barriers and completing perhaps the most complex and demanding film programs in that America, our America.

As I venture forth in pursuit of my happiest dreams and goals as a film maker I am humbly mindful of the pioneering spirit imbued in me by the Columbian spirit—-as a native Colombian, it’s second nature to me—-a spirit of discovery and exploration, this time of the as yet unexplored hearts and minds of ‘we’, the Latin Americans, no matter who and where others may identify or place us.

Know, then, who and what YOU are, and may yet become here in the U.S.A.—fellow explorers of the arts and sciences of all humanity’s born potential. Together, and individually, we will help make America greater than she is and as great as she can be.

A man, an artist and an activists whose determination is stronger than any obstacle he encounters. Fabian Morales, Colombian Director and a man full of immense inner strength who celebrates racial differences and speaks of inspiring others to be their best.”

You may find Morale’s  latest film trailer, Take Me Home, by clicking here.
In addition, you may follow him on twitter at @fabbianmorales

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