Latino Giant of The Week: Arnulfo Moran

From a young age my parents pushed themselves to their maximum capacity to put food on the table and give their children a better life. My brothers and I felt their struggles. We have constantly broken obstacles in our lives to succeed and make them proud.

My older brother, Carlos, was the first to graduate from a 4-year institution. My twin brother, Jesus, and myself, Arnulfo, had to push even hard to achieve the same status as Carlos did. Luckily, we were exposed to programs such as the USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative Program, pushed my twin brother and I to reach our maximum academic capacity.

We were required to attend school 6 days a week, and dedicate countless hours during our vacation to help us achieve whatever goal we wished to achieve.

Success for me is in the future, because I still have a lot of difficult tasks ahead of me. Because of his hard work and dedication to his studies and extra-curricular activities, my twin brother was accepted and will be attending Harvard University. I, too, worked hard to achieve my potential, and dedicated many hours to programs like NAI and the Junior ROTC program.

To achieve great things in life, you don’t need an expensive high school education. Success can be achieved through public schools as well. Carlos, Jesus, and myself, attended Manual Arts Senior High School, in which we all ultimately graduated with honors.

We managed to achieve great things because of the help and support of teachers, and staff. Everyone is destined for greatness; it just requires constant motivation and dedication. Latinos are no exception to this. I believe that all people, including Latinos, can achieve great things in their lives. If I can achieve great things in life, you can too. Every obstacle is penetrable and capable of being dismantled, but it takes a lot of will power, along with motivation and dedication to achieve greatness.

Arnulfo Antonio Moran was born on March 31st, 1994. Raised in South Central, Los Angeles, Arnulfo will be attending the West Point Military Academy. In the future, he hopes to achieve great things and help others succeed in life.

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