Guillermo Anaya on female PRI leaders: “We are going to screw them over”

Regarding female leaders from The Institutional Revolutionary Party of Mexico (PRI), Guillermo Anaya said, “We are going to screw them over.”

These were the comments made by Coahuila’s National Action Party (PAN) candidate, Guillermo Anaya, towards the female leaders of the PRI party.

The PAN party’s candidate in Coahuila, Guillermo Anaya, made inappropriate comments towards PRI female leaders. Three weeks before the election in Coahuila, the PAN party’s candidate, Guillermo Anaya, has gotten into a scandal due to the comments made at a campaign event that was recorded in a video and is now circulating on social media.

In the video, Guillermo Anaya is seen speaking with his followers when out of a suddenly he shouts:

“We are going to screw over the female leaders of the PRI.”

These comments are extremely concerning when considering the high amount of gender violence seen in Mexico recently. According to Citizen Observatory, about 27 million Mexican women, ages 15 and up, have suffered some type of gender violence. This number represents 33.52% of the total population of women in Mexico.