Gloria Estefan Documentary: Cuban Singer to Tell Her Story in ‘Latino Americans’ [Video]


Gloria Estefan is one of the celebrities invited to participate in the “Latino Americans” project, a documentary which will portray the history and consequences of the Latino community in the history of the United States over the past 500 years.

According to People en Español magazine, the Cuban singer is one of the celebrities interviewed in this project, which will be broadcast this fall on PBS in three 2-hour-long episodes.

The documentary will portray the evolution of the Latino identity in the United States from the 16th century up until today, the magazine reported. The documentary’s episodes will feature interviews with almost 100 Latino personalities from the worlds of pop culture, business and politics. Some Latino celebrities being interviewed are Rita Morero, Dolores Huerta, Herman Badillo, María Elena Salinas and others.

“Each article you read in those times showed something sexy, hot, cool about being Latino: you’d see photo shoots with a Latino, Cuban feel to them. Hollywood was focusing on it. And suddenly we’re playing in the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl! The most American place of all,” the Cuban singer said in the promo for “Latino Americans.”

The documentary will be aired starting September 17 and then on three consecutive Tuesdays. It will focus on themes such as urban settlements, conquests and immigration, traditions and Latino reinventions. “Latino Americans” is narrated by actor Benjamin Bratt and tries to relate the experience of being Latino in the United States. PBS has also said that the documentary will be sold on DVD beginning on October 1.

This article originally appeared in The Latino Post.