Gaby Juergens: An Example of Our American Entrepreneurial Spirit

The fourth of July is a day in which we celebrate America, but beyond the fireworks and the red white and blue outfits, it is a day in which we celebrate the spirit of our country and what it means to be part of this great land. Celebrating the United States is far more than just donning the flag inspired outfits, it truly comes down to recognizing and celebrating the meaning of being an American and the spirit of this country.

United States citizens are characterized and even personified by the ideals of hard work, dedication, and risk -taking to achieve their goals and reach their dreams. This is exemplified by the famous ‘American Dream.’ A phrase so highly regarded that it has become core factor regarding the American identity.

The American Dream means different things to different people, but it is often interpreted to relate to the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of Americans that allow them to turn their passions into a career. Living in a country that allows for risk-taking ventures and gives its citizens the opportunity to find success through their passions is a unique privilege that American citizens enjoy and take advantage of. The fourth of July is a time to not only celebrate America, but also the people who enjoy the opportunities this country offers. Individuals who embody the entrepreneurial spirit of the American Dream and make their passions a reality.

Individuals like Gaby Juergens, an artist who has turned her craft into a successful business, but who also gives back to her community and her roots in many ways. Gaby is an exemplary individual that truly understands and practices the ideals of what it means to take on your dreams and make them a reality.

A former military wife, Gaby has been surrounded by those who sacrifice the most for the United States, so she wanted to use her passion for art into a business that would give back to her community and her roots. That’s why she ventured out and took a risk when starting Homefront Girl, an online brand and store in which she showcases and sells her designs in clothing and other apparel all tied to and related to her military roots.

Gaby started her business as a tribute to not only the military men and women who serve our country, but also military families as a whole. She wanted to give back to the community that she had been raised in, and she was able to do so by using her passions and skills as a means to that end.  

As someone that has seen up close the sacrifice that military men and women, as well of their families, make for the betterment of our country, Gaby wanted to find a way to use her art to not only give something back to this community, but also use her passions in a profitable way. She wanted to make her dreams of pursuing her art as career a reality and did so by giving back to the individuals in her life that had inspired her the most.

Like Gaby, there are millions of Americans who take risks and go out there into increasingly competitive markets with ideas, passions, and dreams of their own. The United States offers them unmatched opportunities to follow their dreams, and through perseverance, innovation, and risk-taking they have the chance to reach the coveted ‘American Dream.”

This is what we celebrate when fireworks adorn the night sky with light and colors. We celebrate the ideals and spirit of the United States and the individuals who exhibit what it means to be an American. We celebrate those who give back to this country as well as those who risk it all for their dreams.

This piece originally appeared on Buzzfeed