Former Bernie Sanders campaign aide Arturo Carmona enters race to replace Becerra

Arturo Carmona, a social justice and civil rights advocate and former deputy political director for Bernie Sanders, has jumped into the race to replace Rep. Xavier Becerra in California’s District 34.

“I have built my career defending the dignity of working class families and communities of color,” stated Carmona in a recent press release. “With the election of Donald Trump, our communities are facing an enormous threat to our democratic values. If we are to continue the political revolution, there is no better place to start than here in the heart of Los Angeles’ most progressive and diverse communities.”


If elected, Carmona plans to resist the threat of the upcoming Trump Administration and to continue to advance the fight for social justice. As the deputy political director for Senator Sander’s presidential bid, Carmona was responsible for building strategic alliances and mobilizing a variety of key groups, such as the working class, immigrants, LGBT Latinos, AAPI, and African Americans.

Carmona is expected to be a key challenger in the race for California’s 34th District.