Family: The Secret To Maximizing & Optimizing Your Potential

Shirley Solis does not see herself only as an educational coach or a peak performance coach; this powerful Latina defines herself as an integral coach who takes the fundamental aspects of the family and extends them to all areas of people’s lives.

Shirley is the creator of a Powerful Parenting Academy, an interactive online program that establishes strong work ethics, while building a powerful and amazing family culture.

In fact, this same system has been adapted for organizations and businesses who want to build up leaders and create better communication and productivity within their teams.

We had a chance to speak with this successful leader and learn more about her coaching program and her goal towards building a stronger family, both at home and in your business.

What is the main goal of your business?

My personal mission as a coach is to optimize and maximize the potential of each individual I work with, taking into consideration the individual is part of a greater entity. In essence, the success of the whole is dependent on the success of each individual.

My business goal in this case is to work with large dynamics, such as a family or a business, so I can leverage my efforts to bring about the greatest change, because humanity is stronger when it’s working together and utilizing the strengths of each person involved.

I think the greatest challenge humanity has is to accept and live as a whole… and that wholeness starts with self. Therefore, when I work with the individuals within an organization, WHILE LOOKING AT THE ENTIRE DYNAMIC, I can use the strengths to build greater momentum towards progress and growth.

The dynamics of a family and the dynamics of a business are essentially the same. That’s why I’ve purposed to help leaders in all walks of life “do” family in a healthy way. Family is what brings an individual the greatest fulfillment, sense of belonging, love and acceptance in the world and if I can help leaders do family, they can use the same family principles in other areas of their life, including business, and truly live a successful life.

What are some of the most important techniques you use in order to be a successful peak performance coach?

One of the most important techniques I use in my coaching is the ability to build rapport; a physical,  verbal and nonverbal, emotional and intellectual connection with my client. The ability for a human being to trust another is the basis of every relationship and when I earn my clients’ complete trust, I can be their guide to help them change, transform and accomplish their goals.

This connection or rapport is established from the first point of contact and is something we are born with and which must be cultivated as a necessary skill for every person and more so in being a coach.

I’ve experienced firsthand when coaches experience resistance or have to work harder, because they miss this foundational part of the client/coach relationship. If a coach can build rapport successfully from the beginning and throughout the coaching relationship, the results will be easier and faster.

Another important technique I use is the ability to recognize linguistic patterns for each client I work with. Besides nonverbal communication, words are the essence of how we interact and create an internal representation of the world and an external connection to others. Every person is speaking his/her “story” and my job is to listen carefully to the incongruences and conflicts within that story, analyzing the words used in order to shift or create new associations.

This type of work requires significant amount of specialized training and an innate desire to help people accomplish what they desire in their life.

Can you share with our readers one of your favorite success stories either within a family or a business?

One of my favorite success stories is when I was making the transition of coaching families to also coaching businesses; applying successful family principles I had used to coach until then.

I was hired by the owner of a medium sized dental office, which was stagnant and craved profits and momentum.

I went to the office for a day to “experience” the dynamics firsthand, just like I do with my higher end family clients. I quietly analyzed from a distance and at times asked neutral questions, while taking detailed notes. After, I went back to my home office and created a system the entire staff could follow. In essence, I identified their strengths, their hidden and potential company culture and the ways to optimize their bottom line.

Then, I scheduled a half day training with the entire staff and TAUGHT THE EXACT PRINCIPLES I use to make families successful. Before the meeting was over, everyone was super excited and ready to work and implement the changes I suggested.

What makes this story more interesting is the fact the owner had no hope for improvement, because it was close to the holidays and “people don’t go to the dentist during that season and they don’t want to spend money- other than in presents” she thought.

The thrill of the results came when less than a week later the numbers had significantly increased and by the end of the month, they had a 200% growth from previous years and a 100% growth from their highest month- IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH!

This proved to me that after being a stay at home mom for 16 years and homeschooling six children, I had not wasted my time, but rather polished my skills to raise an amazing family and to make businesses successful with simple and successful family principles.

Any family or business leader can have success in both of these areas, without compromising or fragmenting his/her life, by applying the principles I teach.

Part of your work focuses on bringing business practices into the family and vice versa. Can you expand on that?

Every entity or organization has the same structure. Whether we are looking at a family or a large corporation, the organizational dynamic is the same: someone is in charge “at the top” and different people are responsible for different things. The purpose of every entity is to grow as a whole, while helping each individual part grow independently.

With that said, groups of people will always encounter external and internal challenges, which must be addressed in order to minimize chaos and resistance, while maximizing relationships and goals.

If the members of these entities never learned to “do” family in a healthy way AND in the small setting that family offers, then it could be very difficult to “do” business in a large way, considering the challenges are the same, but at a greater level.

For this reason, I focus on integrating the same successful principles in family and business, because there is no underlying difference. Just like a business has a weekly staff meeting, so should a family have a weekly family meeting. Equally, just like a family is based on relationships, businesses should also give priority to the people, rather than the money or profit alone. The success of each entity is based on the overall vision, the systems and processes and the emotional health of the whole.

At the end of the day, everything is family and our real success in the world depends on how well we’ve learned to do family, so we can enjoy not just financial rewards, but fulfilling relationships as well.

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