Erika De La Vega Shows That Comedy Could Save America From Depression

You would never think that a play titled, “Every Brilliant Thing” would discuss one of America’s deepest problems: Depression.

In Duncan Macmillan’s “Every Brilliant Thing,” a son creates a list of things worth living for– all in an attempt to raise the spirits of his chronically depressed mother–in this powerful one-character show.

Most recently, Michael Hausmann, took a stab at the Latino rendered production of this play by bringing on Erika De La Vega, renowned actress and Latina celebrity, to take us through the difficult journey of living with depression.

In the adapted play, De La Vega plays a young woman through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. In it, the Latina actress, singer and presenter invites the public to celebrate the joys and difficulties that make life truly wonderful.

According to the latest study conducted by the insurer Cigna, one in four Americans rarely or never feel they are surrounded by people who truly know them; two out of five believe their relationships are not important and that they are isolated from the rest; and one in five say he almost never feels close to people. Even six out of ten feel their interests and ideas are not shared by those around them.

De la Vega who affirms that she has not suffered from depression personally, but has had to fight against nostalgia, having to embark on a new path, 5 years ago, as she immigrated into the United States from her native Venezuela.

While speaking with De La Vega, she emphasizes that humor saved her from nostalgia and helped to make her situation more bearable. Humor assisted her to bring the main character to life in this powerful and unique play.

Perhaps because of her own experiences, added with her unique talent, De la Vega shines in Miami’s Colony Theater; where the play took place in most of 2018.

It’s clear that De La Vega knows this character well. She dominates the stage and gives her entire self to a script that requires attention to  acting and improvisation skills. This in turn exemplifies the pain and depression of the mother and the light that the daughter offers her onto the stage.
De la Vega as an actress is a revelation and a fresh taste within the Latino Community in America. As you leave the theater, one thing is clear: De La Vega leaves you wanting more.

In addition, show attendees will come away not only entertained but  thinking about the things that make their life wonderful. A good meal, a place that brings good memories, a puppy, or plays like this one, that suddenly and without realizing change your mood and even make you talk more about the greatness of being alive.