EARTH DAY: Harmony & Peace with no limitations

Ani Borges
Anabella Borges

I personally believe we can celebrate the Earth every day, but in 1970 this day was proclaimed to honor the Earth within the concepts of harmony and peace, with no limitations:

“ May there be only peaceful and cheerful Earth Days to come for our beautiful Spaceship Earth as it continues to spin and circle in frigid space with it’s warm and fragile cargo of animate life” – John McConnell


Today I acknowledge the opportunity that life is giving me to share my gratitude for Earth. In the past years, life and everything that surrounds, has reawakened a sense of wonder inside; letting everything be as beautiful as is. The mountains, the rivers, the waterfalls and infinite oceans have played the role of perspective in my life. Looking at nature from a different approach grants me a better understanding of how small we are in this universe, but how much value our place has in it at the same time. Anything and everything we do, is in some way manifested in a bigger scale. On this date like any other, you can chose what to send out into the world and the rest of the universe.

I am presenting my new work From Above, composed of photographs from this past year’s journey between Venezuela and Canada, hoping for you to find that sense of wonder for everything that our eyes may catch. Nature is everything we see and everything we are, with no inequality and separation of nations, no difference nor superiority over anyone’s design of their own life. This spaceshift is for all. Being in these places, looking at seasons go by; understanding how Nature’s cycle is bringing life, and then leaving, to birth again.  

It’s as human evolution..

Madre Naturaleza

From Above let’s you fly and encounter the freedom of the universe. Gives you the opportunity to step into the outer reality, where dimension plays a role of producing awe. We are the closest to Earth, in this never ending horizon of sunrise and sunsets. Where all elements meet and become one with its surrounding.

The story behind these images is that wherever I step foot on, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet amazing people who have taken me to fly over these places. Feeling my own freedom surpass my expectations of the beautiful nature that we are surrounded by. Getting up before sunrise with the sound of the birds, the monkeys, and every other jungle noise.. To rise through the clouds over the Orinoco river in Venezuela. That was a moment of awe. To the peaks of one of the highest towns in The US, in which you must have oxygen to be able to live there. Like some local said “If you don’t have a young working heart, you can’t live here” What a wild spaceship we live in.


We come from the root of nature, and nature origins from source. We are part of it. As we zoom out, far into the infinite sky, we find ourselves expanding with the universe as simply but a tiny being who is part of this endless unknown.

Anabella’s latest work:

Anabella Borges is a world citizen, photographer, and happy soul. She currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida, but was born in Caracas, Venezuela. You may check out her work here.