New Movement Breaks Barriers in Entertainment Industry

MIAMI, FL- Carlos Eduardo Stolk III is a Venezuelan immigrant living in South Florida. He’s also a pioneer in the business world.

Now he’s looking to ignite a revolution in the entertainment industry, merging his knowledge of business and music with the American immigrant experience. Stolk’s movement has culminated in the creation of a team of producers, artists and MCs, with the launch of

With the October 2016 release of reggaeton star Maluma’s hit song, ‘Cuatro Babys,’ Stolk decided to respond. Rejecting the song’s sexually explicit and misogynistic lyrics, he wrote alternate verses that promoted romance and positivity.

Reggaeton and hip-hop are frequently criticized for lyrics that degrade women and LGBTQ+ people, while promoting violence and drug use. In fact, a petition called for the removal of “Cuatro Babys” from airwaves and online hosts, due to its disrespect of women. The petition railed against Maluma’s portrayal of women as “interchangeable beings, bodies without a value and absolutely available for the unlimited sexual desire of the performers”

Stolk, whose goal is to “Entertain with a purpose,” plans to take a much greater stand in the new year. He hopes that his music will enrich the souls of his listeners.

“Music can move people in both good and bad ways. I choose the good,” he says.